Detect . Collect . React

How well do you know your guests?

NRVE Systems is a fully patented solution provider that automatically Detects, Collects and Reacts to all mobile devices that come in range, without the use of any app or GPS.

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No App Necessary

Learn about real-time behavior in and around your building without a consumer app.

NRVE detects foot traffic, collects insights for reports, and deploys custom marketing messages based on your guests' profiles and proximity.

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How It Works

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Physical Traffic

NRVE provides secure and anonymous data on everyone coming in and out of your physical locations - all without an app.



Guest and other traffic information is captured anonymously and stored for detailed reporting and action.



Instantly trigger custom communications and reactions to their movements - we do the work for you.
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Are you completely satisfied with your at-location analytics on what your guests are doing in real-time? NRVE can help you understand peak times, repeat visitors, time spent, and so much more. Contact us to request a demo today!

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