Detect, Collect, React

Wouldn’t it be great to understand exactly how many people are in your location at any given time, how long they stay there, and where they're going within your location? What if it helped you staff more efficiently, direct users to premium products, analyze traffic patterns, or even provide a greater level of security? Now it's possible, and NRVE does it all for you… automatically.


NRVE detects the exact position of every mobile phone that comes into range, without a consumer app or GPS.

While GPS is only 2D, NRVE uses anonymous heat mapping to track both known and anonymous guest journeys in 3 dimensions.


Access insights and reports with secure and anonymous data collection and storage.

Find it all in your NRVE Systems dashboard. See total visitors for a given time, repeat visitors, how long they've stayed, paths they've taken, and so much more!


Trigger the response you want your guests or critical staff to receive.

You can deliver unparalleled engagement by reacting instantly to physical behavior in the real world at all times. There are so many ways to customize the NRVE experience, from security to consumer engagement.

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Our Story

Several years ago while waiting for a colleague in a coffee shop in NYC, our founder Jordyn Hollander noticed something remarkable...

Every single person from the ages of 5 to 95 walking in and out of that coffee shop had at least one mobile device with them such as a smart phone, tablet, or smart watch. This is when the early concepts of NRVE started to come to life... “Humans now have an IP address!”

We thought, what if we could create a technology that could passively scan for every mobile device that comes in range?

What if we could DETECT the exact position of that device, COLLECT information about that device, and REACT to those devices without the use of any downloaded apps? If we could do that, we would create the first and only technology that could emulate the power of the “cloud,” but for everything in the physical world, beyond the constraints of the world wide web.

We did just that.

Welcome to a world where a technology can provide an unprecedented way to give owners and executives the power to collect and leverage the most valuable anonymous data on their customers’ behavioral patterns in real time, while also providing a product that can vastly improve the consumer experience by motivating offline behavior.

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