NRVE Systems Pilots Tech Inside a Major Sports Arena

Thursday, January 6, 2022. NRVE Systems ran a limited pilot in a major sports arena.  The goal was to analyze visitors coming in and out of the arena during a game and provide valuable insights to arena owners and operators.  Six sensors were installed in two separate locations inside the arena.  All the information collected was anonymous with no way to identify individuals and all data was secure and private.  NRVE did provide the ability for individuals to register for a chance to win a prize and those registrants consented to sharing their information (much like a standard retail rewards program).  

During the pilot, NRVE was able to detect and collect data on thousands of visitors coming in and out of the arena that night.  All of this was done with a very limited deployment.  With a full deployment, data could be collected on every person coming in and out of the stadium.  

Pilot Results:

Anonymous Data

NRVE was able to detect and collect secure and anonymous data on thousands of visitors.  Only demographic and other data was collected for visitors who registered on-site and provided permission to NRVE.  

  • 8,249 Unique Visitors of the 12,500 fans in attendance
  • 48 On-Site Registered Visitors
  • 33 NRVE-Known Visitors that are registered elsewhere in the NRVE Network
  • Dwell Times (time spent within range of NRVE sensors):
  • 4:23:42 MAXIMUM
  • 00:05:03 MINIMUM
  • 0:34:22 AVERAGE

Demographic Data

NRVE collected Gender and Age-Range demographic data during the pilot from visitors who chose to register on-site.  Our analysis showed a majority of visitors as male and 31-40 as the top age range of registered users in attendance. 

NRVE Systems can show a breakdown of demographic data over time and aggregations across multiple dates.  When integrated with your other systems, NRVE can enhance demographics data with:

  • Ticket purchase data
  • City/zip location data
  • Concession purchase data
  • And much more

Heat-map Data

NRVE Systems was able to overlay heat-map data to how visitors moved throughout the pilot areas.  Below is a snapshot of one point in time that night.  

NRVE allows you to toggle specific or groups of visitors on/off to see how they move as well.  

Use Cases

Using the data above, NRVE can facilitate multiple use cases to help owners and operators manage their arenas and better understand their visitors.  


  • Detection of unauthorized people in secure areas and immediate notification
  • Instantly be alerted if people are not sitting in the section they bought tickets for
  • VIP / Blacklist awareness
  • Did someone start a fight in the last game that got them blacklisted? Alert security as soon as they are detected on property.
  • Instantly know when box owners are on property for proper VIP treatment

Indoor Way-finding

  • Provide real-time walking directions to seats, concessions, restrooms, security, etc. within arenas where GPS cannot reach

App-less Marketing with Behavioral Insight

  • Message nearby fans when concessions are light for a crowd-less experience
  • Message fans to purchase merchandise for pickup during a break or end of game
  • Know when fans are in their seats and their historical order behaviors then begin a conversation with them
  • ”Hey Ben, would you like your usual hot dog and Coke?  We see you’re in Section 9, will you still be there in 10 minutes for us to bring you food?”

Dwell Times & Traffic Balancing

  • Understand demographics of who is dwelling in front of what concessions during breaks or times during the game
  • Improve efficiency of Food & Beverage operations
  • Determine dwell times in front of sponsored signage and the effect of that signage on purchases
  • If someone orders a beer, fulfill that order at the least busy location
  • NRVE can help cap the serviceable area to close locations to that fan’s seat

Additional Opportunities

There are many more opportunities that NRVE can help address!  

  • Understand fans who attend games and other event-venue events within the NRVE Network
  • Cross marketing between games and concerts
  • Detect people within a group outside of the person who bought the tickets and is listed in the purchase data
  • Understand where people are moving throughout a game
  • Use real-world visit data (not just purchase data) to re-market season ticket holders to buy again or upgrade to a box
  • Use real-world visit data to understand frequent fans and potentially upgrade them to better seats or season tickets

NRVE Systems has the power to deliver real-world insights to arena owners and operators that will allow them to make on-the-fly adjustments to create a better experience for fans, instantly know when unauthorized people are detected in secured areas, help connect fans with concessions faster, and so much more.  

About NRVE Systems

NRVE Systems is a fully patented solution provider that automatically Detects, Collects and Reacts to all mobile devices that come in range without relying on apps, GPS, beacons, or Location Services.  To learn more and schedule a demo, visit

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