NRVE Systems and the Miami Marlins to Launch First App-Free Traffic Analysis in MLB Stadiums

On Saturday, September 18, 2021, NRVE Systems will collaborate with the Miami Marlins at their annual Marlins Tech Day to pilot their app-free technology to analyze how people move throughout the stadium.  This information will provide stadium owners, concessions, advertising partners, and retailers with key demographic and behavior information to create a better experience for baseball fans coming in and out of loneDepot Park.  


NRVE Systems (pronounced “nerve systems”) is a Florida-based technology company with a patented solution that automatically DETECTS the exact location of any mobile device in range, COLLECTS information on that device, and instantly REACTS to that device as it moves within the physical world. All without the use of apps, GPS, or Location Services.  


Privacy is a corner stone of NRVE’s solution.  The technology is designed to protect everyone’s data and will not have access to any personal information about anyone in the park unless they choose to register with the system.  The system will collect secure, anonymous data about how people move throughout the ballpark, where they spend most of their time, and paths they take to find food, restrooms, and souvenirs.  

Fans will have the ability to register to win Marlins gear in exchange for some information about themselves - just as they would with any number of loyalty rewards programs out there.  The purpose of this information is not to spam anyone, but rather collect important information about the people coming in and out of the stadium and provide a better, targeted experience for everyone there.  


Jordyn Hollander, Founder and CEO of NRVE Systems, said “We’re excited about this opportunity to show how NRVE can help ballparks better understand how their fans move throughout their stadiums and provide them with the best experience from the moment they walk up with tickets in-hand, to finding their seats, and getting back to their cars safely after an amazing Marlins win!  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  NRVE will be able to augment their security, help speed up food purchases and pickup, and provide indoor navigation to any number of areas.  We’re really looking forward to this successful pilot!”


For more information about NRVE Systems, visit or contact Ben Gonzalez at


For more information about Marlins Tech Day, visit

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