NRVE Systems and Troverlo Partner to Launch Asset Tracking Solutions

Miami, Florida, March 16, 2022. NRVE Systems and Troverlo have entered into an official partnership to offer companies a comprehensive solution to track their assets with detailed accuracy.  Troverlo’s tag technology provides extremely small powered tags that can be embedded or added into any equipment, tool, or object that needs to be tracked. NRVE’s proprietary solution can track those tags indoors where GPS cannot reach and outdoors in inclement weather or densely populated areas where geo-fencing often fails.  The two companies have already begun integration work and pilots are scheduled to begin this Spring.


“Our integration work has already proven our technologies work well together” said NRVE CEO Jim Furlong.  “We are excited to launch our solution this Spring and provide an indispensable product for everything from inventory management and shipment tracking to loss prevention and performance monitoring.”


Through the NRVE Systems integration, the Troverlo platform enables any Wi-Fi chipsets to be read seamlessly by NRVE Access Points allowing customers to easily bolt on precise asset tracking capabilities to their NRVE solution.  Additionally, NRVE access points can now read any Troverlo Tag and communicate with the Troverlo Global Observation Network, significantly increasing reach and efficiency for Troverlo’s global customer base.


Cody Catalena, CEO of Troverlo said “the Troverlo partnership with NRVE Systems enables both companies to solve our customers problems with a stronger solution. For Troverlo, our tags can now be tracked with higher granularity in retail and industrial applications and the Troverlo GlobalObservation Network continues to grow”.


About NRVE Systems

NRVE Systems is a fully patented solution provider that automatically Detects, Collects and Reacts to all mobile devices that come in range without relying on apps, GPS, beacons, or Location Services.  To learn more and schedule a demo, visit


About Troverlo

Troverlo provides a patented, ground-breaking location tracking and data collection service, which enables customers to collect key insights from assets and sensors without requiring connectivity at a lower total cost of ownership than any other tracking technology.  For more information, visit


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